Allen 30mm Dynamic Ezi-Ti Block

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Allen 30mm single dynamic Ezi-Tii-On block featuring a stainless steel loop at the head of the block and supplied with soft shackle

Allen 30mm single Tii-On block featuring a stainless steel loop at the head of the block. This gives our range maximum strength and reliability with minimal cheek separation when tied on and loaded up with a soft shackle. The stainless steel head loop also ensures the block stays in the right orientation when being used. 

Attach using supplied with A15110 soft shackle or with a thin dyneema based rope, securing through hollow axle. Great for floating blocks in control lines or attaching around poles and spars.

To fully appreciate the difference of the Allen dynamic bearing range of blocks, take a closer look at the design, quality of materials and construction to fully appreciate the difference. The soft contours of the sheave and cheeks moulded from advanced engineering polymers, patented dynamic bearing technology featuring twin rows of 316 stainless steel ball bearings all held together with a meticulously designed 316 stainless steel rivets, Allen blocks claim to be the strongest and best available on the market.

More Information
Weight 24g
Attachment Method Rope
Bearing Type Ball Bearing
Block Options Becket Through Axle
Block Type Single
Sheave Diameter (mm) 30.00
Max Rope Width (mm) 8.00
Max Working Load (kg) 140
Breaking Load (kg) 750
Length (mm) 42
Country of Origin GB
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