1. £173.50
    Normally Available in 2-3 Days

    The PVC trailing cover (mast down) is ideal for when you store your Enterprise dinghy with the mast down or when you are trailing/towing. It doesn't have any openings on the top of the cover so reducing the chance of water ingress and any foreign matter (leafs, etc...) finding its way inside.

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  2. £264.00
    In Stock

    The Overboom (Boom Up) Cover offers your boat the best protection when you store your boat with the mast up. It allows you to leave the boom up, which you then put the cover over. This creates a tent like shape so that any rain water runs off the cover rather than pooling. Learn More
  3. £246.50
    Normally Available in 2-3 Days

    The Flat (Mast Up) Cover is the most versatile cover, it will fit your boat when the mast is either up or down. This makes it ideal in the dinghy park and can also be used when towing/trailing. It has openings for the mast, shrouds and forestay and a halyard point in the middle of the cover behind the mast so you can lift the cover slightly to reduce pooling rainwater. Learn More

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