Boat Covers

Our cover designs are individually tailored to each boat and made by our highly skilled team in the UK. The fabrics and designs have been optimised to provide the best possible protection from:


  • UV light, rain, wind and snow
  • Matter such as leaves, sand, bird droppings 
  • Pollutants in the atmosphere
  • and of course prying eyes


We offer covers in 4 designs and 2 choices of fabrics.

manufactured using solar powermanufactured using solar power

Choose your design

Overboom (Boom Up)

Ideal if you are leaving your boat in one place for most of the season.

  •  Fits over the boom, reducing water collection on the cover.
  •  Features openings for mast, shrouds, forestay and end of boom when needed.

Flat (Mast Up)

The most versatile cover, useful when the mast is up or down.

  •  Fits flat over the dinghy with openings for mast, shrouds and forestay.
  •  Features a main halyard tie to reduce water collection and sagging.

Trailing (Mast Down)

Used on unstayed masted dinghies eg. Topper, Laser etc. Also ideal for boats while travelling, as you are able to store your equipment inside.

  •  Fits snug on boat, with no openings for mast, shrouds or forestay.
  • Features a drawstring and straps under the boat.


Used when towing your boat, to protect the underside.

Made from a navy nylon and features both a drawstring and straps to keep it secure while travelling.

Choose your fabric

TridentUK boat covers are available in either a blue PVC or a blue Hydroguard. Choosing the right fabric for your boat cover depends on your boat, the usage and the environment it's kept in.

PVC Coated Polyester

A high quality, hardwearing, non-shrinking fabric, which is easy to handle and built with robustness at its core.

The outside PVC layers are: 

  • Waterproof
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Extreme weather resistant
  • Chemical resistant to withstand fungus and rotting from birds droppings

Inside high polyester fabric offers: 

  • Dimensional stability
  • Tensile and tear strength


A superior, breathable marine grade fabric that has endured many years of vigorous testing coming out on top time and time again.

Key features of this polyester 

  • Unlike other alternatives on the market, it boasts a lighter, stronger, more flexible nature.
  • Does not compromising on important waterproof and UV resistant qualities it sustains durability and toughness.
  • The fabric has undergone various treatments making this a particularly ideal fabric for protecting your boat from the elements.
  • Breathable properties allowing vapour to escape from the inside reducing dampness, heat build up and condensation.

Can't find a cover for your boat? We can make it!

Our highly skilled team has make 100's of made to measure boat covers for all shapes and sizes over the years. 


The process is quick and simple! 

Find out more information and pricing 


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