Harken Cam X-Treme Angle Fairlead

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Harken Cam X-Treme Angle Fairlead

Use this part with the Standard 150 Cam-Matic Cleat.

The Harken X-Treme angled fairlead allows releasing and recleating at angles up to 90 degrees to the cleat. This sets it apart from other fairleads where line uncleats at extreme angles and can't recleat without centering the line.

The low-friction stainless ball provides a bulletproof turning point. Perfect for traveller and cabintop controls or deck cleat. A must for the Laser deck cleating system.

Height above cam: 24mm
Height: 57mm
Length: 46mm
Width: 65mm
Weight: 56g
Fastener Spacing: 38mm
Fits: Standard 150 Cam-Matic

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Country of Origin US