Harken Topper Downhaul 6:1 Triple Block System

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A Harken triple block downhaul or cunningham system for easy adjustment of a Topper dinghy sail.

This Harken 6:1 Topper downhaul with ball race 29mm triple lower block with micro carbo cam cleat and fast release fairlead. Using a 22mm ball race upper block and the natural twist of the system it travels past the boom without the need for a strop. Harken blocks are compact and light weight and the Delrin bearings give low friction for fast trim and release under load, offering the ultimate in performance and reliability.

The system clips to the mast using a snap shackle giving reliability and distance between the downhaul and kicker. It clips to the sail using an asymmetric Carbine hook which puts even load on the sails webbing strap.

The lower block has a swivel to allow the control line to be easily sided when tacking.

Using a triple block setup allows for a greater range of travel, unlike a cascading system where the blocks can end up block bound. Making the system ideal for varying wind strengths without having to adjust the setup. The system is rigged with a natural twist so the top block runs smoothly past the boom, doing away with the need for a clearing strop from block to hook.

The downhaul is an extremely important tool to control the sail and balance of the rig for maximum speed

Supplied pre-assembled ready to clip onto your mast and sail, it may need the rope length shortening (by moving the handle) as we make these so they also fit the old style sail with an eye in the sail instead of a webbing loop. Colours can vary. You can contact us for specific preferences.

Block Specification
Sheave Diameter - 29mm & 22mm
Safe Working Load - 227kg
Breaking Load - 544kg


  • Lubricating your mast with dry lube will help the sail move as this control is used
  • Keep your system clean and free of salt and grit
  • Always check and make sure the Carbine hook is closed properly.
  • The Carbine hook is at it's strongest when the sail's webbing sits away from the opening gate
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