Ronstan Series 40 Orbit Block With Swivel Shackle Head And Becket Option

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Ronstan series 40 ball bearing Orbit swivel shackle head block with optional through sheave becket.

Ronstan series 40 ball bearing Orbit swivel shackle head block with optional through sheave becket.

Ball bearing Orbit blocks™ boast the highest strength-to-weight ratio available. This is achieved through all-composite reinforced polymer materials and multiple attachment options. 
Their precision design provides the optimum number of ball bearings for minimum friction while weight reduction is achieved through the use of fibre-reinforced composites in the block head.

- Lightweight
- Highest working load in its class
- Secure, versatile and secure attachment
- Low profile and compact
- Shackle swivel head 
- Becket takes upto 6mm line, add a Dyneema Link for large ropes
- Self-lubricating PTFE impreganated Nylon sheave and full contact bearing for high dynamic loads

- Sheave: Carbon fibre reinforced, PTFE impreganated Nylon
- Ball Bearings: High compression strength Acetal
- Stage 2 Bearing - Glass fibre reinforced, MoS2 impregnated Nylon
- Frame/Cheeks: Toughened, glass fibre reinforced Nylon
- Link head is UV stabilised, multi-strand impregnated SK75 Dyneema®

- Mainsheet systems and spinnaker sheets on dinghies to 5m (16ft)
- Halyard, Vang, Cunningham and backstay applications on boats to 8m (26ft)
- Control line applications on larger boats


Kilogram for kilogram of working load BB Orbit Blocks™ are the world’s lightest. To gain peak performance, we engineered out the heavy steel load straps, head post, shackle and cleating accessories. Through extensive research and development, we replaced virtually all metal components with high-tech polymers and fibre equivalents.
Weight and bulk are further reduced in the different block configurations. The ball bearing single and becket block has a through-sheave becket arrangement. The result? The lowest weight possible. 

Highest working load in its class
The proven Ronstan 2-stage bearing system features high compression grade Acetal ball bearings and a secondary full-contact bearing. This gives minimum friction across the full working load range. 
The sheave and bearing system is supported by a fibre-reinforced load frame, computer modelled and optimised using advanced stress analysis methods. The Dyneema® Link, used in multi-sheave blocks, is produced from high spec SK75 fibre, which is 10 times stronger and lighter than steel, and provides the final connection from the block to the load point.

More Information
Weight 44g
Attachment Method Removable Head, Shackle, Swivel
Bearing Type Ball Bearing
Block Options Becket Through Axle
Block Type Single
Sheave Diameter (mm) 40.00
Max Rope Width (mm) 9.00
Max Working Load (kg) 325
Breaking Load (kg) 650
Length (mm) 104
Pin Diameter (mm) 4
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