Spinlock Safety Line Cutter

Normally Available in 2-3 Days
Spinlock S-Cutter

This S shapped cutter incorborates a guarded razor edge for cutting ropes / safety lines underload.

Supplied in a simple pouch which can be worn on harnesses or belts.

For Yacht Sailors

S-Cutter solves the problem of safety line clips becoming unreleasable, under load, in an emergency.

By providing a reliable ‘means of disconnection’, anyone wearing the Cutter satisfies ISAF and ORC recommendations, whatever type of safety line and whatever the type of clip used.

For Dinghy Sailors

We reckon that this will be great for cutting sheets and lines on dinghies if you get in a tangle or get caught.

Weight: 0.048Kg (Including Pouch)

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Country of Origin IT