Barton Dinghy Mast Support For Towing

Barton Dinghy Mast Support For Towing is manufactured in the UK
Mast support for the stern of the boat when towing.
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Mast support for the stern of the boat when towing, which fits onto the pintles or gudgeons and can have the lighting board attached.

- Easy fit
- Fully adjustable
- No fastenings
- Increased safety
- Prevents damage to mast and deck
- Supplied with removeable pintles to give multiple fitting options
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I haven't personally tried it but I can not see why it wouldn't. It has 8mm pins (which can be taken out to make 8mm gudgeons) and they adjust up and down to suit the boatI hope that helpsDavid Shilling 
Hi Graham Please ignore the previous comment as I have just had a better look (new stock has just come in and it may have changed design)The adjustment track is 430mm long so could adjust it as high as your bottom pintle/gudgeon allows withing the 430mmEither another change or something I hadn't noticed properly is the plate that fixes to the number plate is now fixed into place with one of the pintle/gudgeon brackets and not welded in placeI hope that helpsRegardsDavid Shilling
Hi Chris Both the pintles can be turned into gudgeons and they both move independently up or down the track before being locked into place where you want them Regards David
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