Anchor Marine Mooring Compensator - 18mm line

Mooring compensator, for line Ø 14-18 mm.   EPDM rubber, for boat up to 15 m (50 ft). 
SKU AM-0303
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   Mooring compensator, for line Ø 14-18 mm.
EPDM rubber, for boat up to 15 m (50 ft).

   Made from EPDM rubber, impervious to UV rays and salt water.
Easy to fit, requires no extra fittings.

*Boat length given as an indication only, in the case of a sheltered mooring location. In a more exposed mooring area, you should select the next size up, for both line and mooring compensator.

Instantly adaptable to any type of mooring:

- On a shelterd mooring, for example in a marina, coil the rope once or twice round your compensator (As in the first picture below).

- On an exposed mooring, coil the rope at least 3 times, so as to increase extensibility and absorption capacity (As in the bottom picture below).

Mooring Compensator Use Suggestions

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