Fork Terminal/Fork Terminal Rigging Wire

Normally Available in 2-3 Days
Rigging wire made to your specification with a Fork Terminal on each end.

Stainless steel wire work, with a Fork Terminal on each end.


Wire Type: 1x19 (stiff), 7x19 (flexible)
Size: 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm


This is based on the cost of the two hard eyes, plus the cost of the wire.

1x19 - Use this wire for standing rigging like shrouds, strops and other jobs were a stiff wire is ideal.
7x19 - Use this wire for running rigging like jib/genoa/main halyards, control lines and other applications were the wire needs to go round pulleys.

How to Order

  1. Determine the length L (see diagram) of the wire and enter this above where asked in mm. This measurement is BS to BS in meters. (bearing surface).
  2. Choose the type and size of the wire you require.
  3. From the drop down select the amount of wire that is needed to make the wire.
  4. If you need more than 1, then enter your quantity next to the buy now button and add your item to the cart.
  5. If you require different sizes or lengths then add them to the cart separately.

Please Note

  • The price you pay is made up of the price for the end fittings and the cost of your chosen wire.
  • The shortest length we can make is 0.1m = 10cm = 100m
  • You can give your measurements to 3 decimal places and we will make them with a tolerance of 5mm

Examples of Dimension Conversions (We need the measurment in meters)

0.25m = 25cm = 250mm
0.873m = 87.3cm = 873mm
4.536m = 453.6cm = 4536mm

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