Holt 57mm Organic Ratchet Block with Swivel

Holt 57mm Organic Ratchet Block with Swivel
A great value 57mm Ratchet block from Holt.
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A great value 57mm Ratchet block from Holt The hexi-sided sheave has superb holding power taking the load and hard work out of rope holding.

  • The ratchet can be manually switched on and off from the side.
  • Has a swivelling shackle head
  • Can take up to 12mm rope
More Information
Attachment MethodRemovable Head, Shackle, Swivel
Bearing TypeBall Bearing
Block OptionsRatchet
Block TypeSingle
Sheave Diameter (mm)57.00
Max Rope Width (mm)12.00
Max Working Load (kg)240
Breaking Load (kg)500
Length (mm)110
Pin Diameter (mm)5
Product Questions (4)
Customer Questions
Hi JerryWhat you are referring to would be an autoratchet which engages under load (the load setting can be adjusted on some blocks). The Organic block is a manual ratchet which has to be switched off if wanting it to run freely.When engaged the ratchet block will only spin in the direction you pull in, the sheave (wheel part) of a ratchet block is shaped to grip the sheet a little. to ease the rope out the sheet slides over the locked sheave and with the added friction it makes it easier to hold loadsI hope that helpsDavid 
Hi I can confirm it does have a definite click when rope is pulled through it. Hope this helps.
Hi, when the ratchet is flicked to on; the sheave rotates with a click and when the ratchet is flicked off the sheave spins freely both directions with no clicks. Hope this helps Jake
Hi, yes it will help enormously. For it to hold the sheet you just have to hold it with sufficient tension to keep the rope in the teeth of the ratchet pulley and let the sail out simply release the tension
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