International Toplac Plus Gloss Paint 750ml

International Toplac Plus Gloss Paint 750ml is manufactured in the UK
International Toplac Plus Gloss Paint 750ml
Toplac's silicone alkyd formula is extremely smooth-flowing, producing a very high gloss. Excellent for dinghies all over and yacht topsides.


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Toplac’s silicone alkyd formula is extremely smooth-flowing, producing a very high gloss. Superior UV filters combine with this to produce a surface which will retain its colour and gloss up to three times longer than conventional gloss paints.

We recommend using this paint for painting the hulls of dinghies.

This paint is suitable for below waterline use on boats which are dry sailed. (i.e. Are stored on land and only put in the water for sailing.)

• Premium quality high-gloss durable yacht enamel
• Silicone alkyd formula lasts twice as long as conventional one-part enamels
• Excellent UV resistance
• Extended gloss and colour retention characteristics
• Easy to apply giving deep, lustrous finish

This product supersedes International Brightside.

Technical Specifications

Area Any where on boats that are dry sailed.
Above the waterline on boats kept in the water.
Finish/Sheen High Gloss
Substrates Aluminium
Carbon Fibre

Application MethodRecommended
No. Of Coats
Practical Coverage
Brush 1 - 2 12.0 YTA800
Thinners No1
Conventional Spray 1 - 2 10.0 YTA063
Roller 1 - 2 12.0 YTA800
Thinners No1

   The product data provided is intended as a general overview to aid product selection and as such represents typical values. For more specific application guidance, please refer to the product datasheet provided.

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Product Questions (10)
Customer Questions
Hi JMWe don't currently ship Toplac overseas because it is classed as a hazardous material and the paperwork for shipping these materials is quite complicatedRegardsDavid Shilling 
Hi, Toplac requires an undercoat, International Pre-Kote is recommended for GRP, Wood, Steel and Aluminium. Using Toplac colour Snow White as an example, the VOC content is 404(g/l). Best Regards, Kieran Parslow
Hi, thanks for the question. When applying Toplac by spraying, the Pre-Kote must be aged a minimum of 14 days. All of our International products have a link to their Product Datasheet at the bottom of each product page. Best Regards, Kieran Parslow
Hi Tim, just seen this now. Thank you, Kieran
Hi HansThe International pre-kote is a great primer/undercoat and you can mix it with Toplac to either use it up or just help the final coat become a similar colour to the toplac.For the varnish I'd recommend the International Clear Wood Sealer which will give you a great build quality followed by Compass Varnish which is an easy to apply, quick drying hard varnishThat all sounds very biased towards International but these 4 products are great for your applicationI hope that helpsDavid 
Hi LionelToplac or Precoat shouldn't need thinning in UK temperatures if brushing or rolling on. You may get a better penetration into the wood grain with thinned precoat for the initial coat if bare wood is being coated for the first time but you should use a primer if this is the caseRegardsDavid
Hi MarkOne tin of 750ml will do 2 1/2 coats, possibly 3 and I would advise using a pre-kote as it really does help the build quality and as you have come this far I'm expecting you want a finished job that you are going to be proud of.If you get 2 coats of the pre-kote on you can mix a third coat using some or the Toplac to make a semi gloss coat which will use the paint up (better on the boat than sitting in the garage going off for the next 20 years!) and it will help the build quality of the paintI would advise rolling the paint on unless you are competent with a brush and if you need a kit the below link may help I would roll all the paint on but I may 'tip' the last coat with a quality brush. this is best done by 2 people,  one rolls the paint on and the other with a wetted brush (with paint) lightly knocks the spots of the gloss following the roller while the paint is very fresh.I would also try and put the coats of paint on within the time advised on the tin (which is temperature dependant) so there is no need to sand between coats, I would probably lightly wet and dry the boat before the final coat to get a great finishI hope that helpsDavid
Hi IanEither by sanding or a GRP safe paint stripper like the below RegardsDavid
Hi David Toplac is being re-branded as Toplac Plus next year so sapphire will come through as that. I haven't a date yet although March has been mentioned Regards David
Hi Mandy If you peel the label back from the lifting corner you will see the overcoating times which depend on temperature. You will see a time when you can put the next coat on and a longer time where you can add the next coat without sanding between coats, this is when there will still be a chemical reaction between the coats to bond together. I generally work on a coat a day Regards David
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