Compatibility With Other Manufacturers Trolleys and Road Base Trailers

Our trolleys are designed to fit Our roadbases.

Our design is conducive to compatibility with a number other designs and we publish measurements of trolleys and trailers to help make it easy for you to have an idea of compatibility before purchasing.

Other manufacturer’s trolleys and road bases may well sit together with ours but you could find you need to secure them together in a different way.

The main measurement required when using one of our trolleys or road base trailers with those from other manufacturers is the width of the trolley at it's axle which is the same as the width of the roller inside the road base side arms which is 1180mm, if your trolley has a wider axle it will not fit in the 'V' of the road base and the cradle will sit aft of the road base support.

Our Combination Unit

Our Combi Connected

Below is an example of a trolley which is too narrow to connect on to our road base and to pull the trolley forward enough the wheels have to be removed. The cradle support of the trolley needs to be as close to the supporting roller of the road base as possible to prevent failure of the trolley from leverage between the boats weight and the support of the road base (the trolley side arms snapping)

Example Of Another Trolley On Our Road Base

Other Trolley On Our Road Base
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