Green Policy

As watersports enthusiasts we care deeply about our planet and the oceans that provide our playgrounds. As a company we are committed to a green policy that reduces our footprint and maximises practices that are progressively sustainable.

Our green initiatives:

solar panels

Solar Power

We made a huge investment in 2023 to clean up our energy use and installed a whopping 20KW Solar Panels teamed with 5KW batteries! 

Even though as we write this we are in the depths of Winter we are super close to being fully reliant on the solar electricity and as we creep into Spring we expect to be using 100% solar power very soon!


Promoting repair services and longlife products

By choosing superior fabrics and designing our drysuits with durability and robustness as a forefront, we are able to prolong their usage and overall life. When and if the drysuits do have minor issues we then highly recommend our drysuit repair clinic which is ready to step in and further extend the lifetime. 

In 2023 alone our drysuit repair services saved 339 suits!

Having our factory on site means the repair services we can offer are extensive. If you have a sail, boat cover or other clothing that you think we could help save, get in touch!




Over the past few years we have been progressively moving to more sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging processes.

We are currently phasing in our new mailing bags to either paper and fully recycable/ biodegradable sugarcane, whilst moving to recyclable paper tapes. As we have for many years now, we continue to reuse boxes from our suppliers when we can and with large and fragile items, we often try to use off cuts from the factory for protection - cutting waste from all angles!


British Manufacturing

By choosing to keep the manufacturing of TridentUK products on site we are significantly reducing the carbon footprint of our products. Not only does it save on shipping the capacity of finalised products, but it also allows us to have full control over reducing waste and ensuring all practices meet if not exceed UK environmental regulations.


Website server

TridentUK is proud to be working with UKFast, the 1st hosting provider to be 100% carbon neutral under BSI PAS 2060.

This means you can be confident that all carbon emissions associated with the hosting of this site have been neutralised.

The emissions produced by our servers are offset by renewable energy projects that reduce the use of fossil fuels. These projects are verified by The Voluntary Carbon Standard.

Find out more about carbon neutral hosting from UKFast.


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