The Best Way to Make Sure you Stay Warm

We are often asked if where a drysuit will keep you warm. This isn't really the case, but it goes along way to helping.

By keeping you and what you are wearing dry, this significantly reduces your heat loss which means it is much easier for you to control your warmth and comfort. What you wear under the what you wear under/over your drysuit and on your extremities will ultimately determine how warm you are.

Make Sure You Wear the Right Type of Clothing

It is important that the what you wear under your drysuit promotes the wicking of moisture away from your body. It might be warm, but if it traps moisture from your body as you persperate then you will start to feel wet, and subsequently cold.

We sell a great range thermals that are high wicking (breathable), the decision is how many layers to wear.

Choosing Your Layers

When making the decision what to wear under your drysuit, it is best to think in Layers. Normally these layers are referred to as base layers and mid layers. Depending on the conditions you are dressing for you may choose to wear either or both layers.


  Warm Cool Cold Freezing  
Base Layers Yes No Yes Yes Click Here to browse base layers
Mid Layers No Yes Yes Yes* see notes  Click Here to browse mid layers


 * In extreme cold you could consider wearing two mid layers, it is certainly warm and here at Trident we do it. (We are talking about those days when the water is frozen around the edge of the lake, and the snow needs removing from the boat cover when you rig.

Protecting Your Extremities

Once you have chosen what to wear on you body, next you need to think about your head, hands and feet.

Why not take a look at our range.

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