What Size Trolley or Trailer for my Boat

Choosing a Trolley or Trailer

Our trolleys are named to suit sailing dinghies but they will fit all sorts of boats. We manufacture specific trolleys and trailers to fit the more popular types of dinghies, where others fit our standard versions with a little adjustment. The characteristics of sailing dinghies are generally very similar, other types of boats can differ considerably and the most common query we have is “Will the trolley fit my boat with an outboard on?”
To find out follow the below:-

  • To find the right trolley or trailer you need to find the balance point of your boat by sitting it on something until the it's evenly balanced fore and aft, you need to do this with the boat rigged as it would be going in and out the water (mast, rudder, engine etc in place).
  • Now measure forward from the new found balance point to a point at the bow 300mm up from the boats base level which is where the trolley bow snubber will sit.
  • You then need to find a trolley with a measurement from axle to bow snubber slightly longer than your measurement so there is a slight weight on the nose of your trolley in operation.
  • You will find our trolley measurements in the extra images of the product and trailer dimensions in the description.

The ideal fit of boat to trolley would be to have a little weight at the handle, this is so the unit is stable when stationary and can deal with small changes of balance like extra kit or water sloshing around as you move the boat, if too well balanced the boat may be prone to unexpected lifting and the transom being damaged when it hits the ground, it’s similar and difficult if the trolley is too short and you have to pull the handle down to move the unit. If you have too much weight on the handle (trolley too long) then the whole unit feels heavy and difficult to move around.

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