Large Inflatable Dinghy Launching Trolley For 2.7-3.2M Boats

Large Inflatable Dinghy Launching Trolley For 2.7-3.2M Boats is manufactured in the UK
Trolley specifically designed to carry inflatable dinghies.
Made to Order in 2 Weeks

Here at Trident we have developed a trolley to carry inflatable dinghies.

It is typically suitable for any flat bottomed or V-floor dinghy up to 3.2-3.5m long (depending on outboard fitted) and 1.8m wide. See below for checking if it is suitable for your setup.


• Two full width supports; supporting the boat near the transom and towards the bow.
• Rear support adjustable to support flat bottomed or V-floored dinghies
• Angled docking arms at the support ends help to prevent the boat slipping off sideways.
• Pneumatic tyres make it easier to pull through soft sand and pebbles.
• Raised handle at the front, making it easy to pull the trolley when the boat is on.
• Hot dipped galvanised steel a frame.
• Width for maximum beam of 1.8m

Trolley length from bow snub to rear cradle is 2.75m, you need to make sure that the balance point from the front of your dinghy is less than this. Please note your balance point can vary depending on the size of outboard you have on the back and what you load into the boat.

Finding the balance point

1 - Load your dinghy as you would when it's on the trolley.
2 - With an assistant, stand on either side of the dinghy and lift it working your way along the boat.
3 - As you move along the boat you will find a point where the boat balances evenly.
4 - Measure from the very front of the boat to this point.
5 - If this measurement is less than 2.7m then this trolley is suitable for your boat. Please Note: If this measurement is less than 2.2m then you might be better off with the smaller trolley.

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Customer Questions
Hi Jeannie The trolley isn't suitable for the weight you ask for, maybe our heavy duty trolleys would be more suitable? The best way to find carriage costs is add items to your cart, then view cart and you should see a shipping calculator (may need to scroll down a little) which requires basic info and will give you the available options. If the only option is 'We will advise shipping' then we will need to know your full address and the goods required to quote for shipping Regards David Shilling
Hi Kenneth The forward support is rigid and sits 1670mm forward of the rear support. The trolley is based on our 16.5 trolley and there are more measurement on that product if that helps Regards David
Hi Neil, The large inflatable launching trolley will go on a Vario 2 road base and I suspect you will have a Vario 1 with your Laser trolley Link to Vario 2 Yes the trolley and road base both come 'flat packed'. Regards David
Hi Barry We have an X-Large Inflatable Dinghy Launching Trolley For 3.2-3.8M Boats £365 which isn't online yet. It is a larger version of the other inflatable trolleys If you want one then you could place an order over the phone Regards David
Hi Gavin This trolley is based around our standard 16 1/2 boat trolley and looking at the measurements in the extra images on the product page I'd estimate the height to be about 400mm I hope that helps Regards David
Hi Alastair It's not collapsible sorry Regards David
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