Laser Boat Cover Top (Mast Down) PVC

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Laser flat trailing cover in PVC. There are no openings except for the bow tie-down slot, thereby reducing the chance of water ingress and any foreign matter finding their way inside.

Protect your Laser dinghy with one of our TridentUK Boat Covers.

This PVC Top cover assumes you take the mast down on your boat when you are not sailing. It doesn't have any openings on the top of the cover, except for the bow tie-down slot, so reducing the chance of water ingress and any foreign matter (leafs, etc...) finding its way inside. Designed to fit your Laser with or without spars stored underneath.

The cover is made from a blue 360gr/m sq. (12.7oz/m sq.) non breathable PVC coated polyester fabric which is UV stabilised and chemically treated to withstand fungus and rotting from bird droppings.

All straps on the cover have snap buckles to make it easy to attach and remove the straps. A spare buckle is supplied just in case one gets broken.

• Top (Mast Down) Cover
• PVC Coated Polyester
• UV Stabilised Material
• Material guaranteed for 5 years against UV degradation
• Material Weight: 360 gr/m sq. - 12.7 oz/m sq.
• 3 Straps under the boat
• Snap Buckles on all straps
• Colour: Blue
• Made in Gateshead, United Kingdom

Cover Features

Boat Cover Snap Buckle

All the straps are fitted with snap buckles, this allows easy fitting of the cover.
More Information
Colour Blue
Cover Type Top (Mast Down)
Material PVC
Breathable? No
Material Weight 360gr/m sq. (12.7oz/m sq.)
Material UV Degradation Guarantee 5 Years
Number of Straps 3
Mast Opening? No
Shroud Openings? No
Forestay Opening? No
Main Halyard Tie Point? No
Country of Origin GB