Laser Boat Cover Top (Mast Down) PVC

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Laser flat trailing cover in PVC. There are no openings except for the bow tie-down slot, thereby reducing the chance of water ingress and any foreign matter finding their way inside.

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Protect your Laser dinghy with one of our TridentUK Boat Covers.

This PVC Top cover assumes you take the mast down on your boat when you are not sailing. It doesn't have any openings on the top of the cover, except for the bow tie-down slot, so reducing the chance of water ingress and any foreign matter (leafs, etc...) finding its way inside. Designed to fit your Laser with or without spars stored underneath.

The cover is made from a blue 360gr/m sq. (12.7oz/m sq.) non breathable PVC coated polyester fabric which is UV stabilised and chemically treated to withstand fungus and rotting from bird droppings.

All straps on the cover have snap buckles to make it easy to attach and remove the straps. A spare buckle is supplied just in case one gets broken.

• Top (Mast Down) Cover
• PVC Coated Polyester
• UV Stabilised Material
• Material guaranteed for 5 years against UV degradation
• Material Weight: 360 gr/m sq. - 12.7 oz/m sq.
• 3 Straps under the boat
• Snap Buckles on all straps
• Colour: Blue
• Made in Gateshead, United Kingdom

Cover Features

Boat Cover Snap Buckle

All the straps are fitted with snap buckles, this allows easy fitting of the cover.

More Information

More Information
Colour Blue
Cover Type Top (Mast Down)
Material PVC
Breathable? No
Material Weight 360gr/m sq. (12.7oz/m sq.)
Material UV Degradation Guarantee 5 Years
Number of Straps 3
Mast Opening? No
Shroud Openings? No
Forestay Opening? No
Main Halyard Tie Point? No

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  1. Sue Harding asks 1 Jan 1970

    Hi, I need a new laser top cover. Presumably there is room for all the spars and a sail under the cover?
    My current cover is only 4 years old but has shrunk so that I can't get it over the boat any more. Can you reassure me that the fabric you use will not do the same?

    1. David Shilling answers 22 Nov 2017

      Hi Sue
      It sounds like you either have a polycotton cover or a cheep made in the east one, I have known both to shrink.
      I can confirm that our covers will not shrink in either pvc or hydroguard.
      Our Laser cover is very well thought out with enough room to cope with spars, sails, different rigs etc underneath and also fits well without them.
      There is a cut out for the bow fairlead so you can tie the boat down and a cut around the gudgeon so you can fit a lighting board with the cover on.
      There is also a loop hanging off the transom designed to go through the aft strap and give some longitudinal tension to the cover.
      I hope that helps

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  2. Paul Ashburner asks 1 Jan 1970

    HI I'm looking at buying a new Laser cover. How does your 360gm material compare with the Rooster 1680 Polyester material? What is the difference?


    Paul Ashburner

    1. David Shilling answers 18 Aug 2017

      Hi Paul
      I haven't tested ours alongside theirs so can only tell you about ours
      We manufacture in the UK using materials supplied by UK companies
      The cover material is coated to withstand UV, rotting from bird poo, mould etc and is guaranteed for 5 years however it is difficult to transpose that guarantee to a cover as it is possible that if it isn't fitted correctly it could be left flapping in the wind, left with water pooling etc all of which will shorten it's life expectancy.
      I will say that in my experience when correctly looked after covers will last longer than 5 years
      Our covers come with a care and fitting guide along with a spare buckle.
      The PVC material is totally waterproof (water may seep in through seems though) and it doesn't shrink or loose it's colour.
      We all sail at Trident and use our products and like to think we are making the best product for the job
      I hope that is of use

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