Marinepool Fish Design Baby 100N Lifejacket 5-10Kg

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A great lifejacket for a baby or small toddler between 5 and 10Kgs with the added interest of a fish pattern.

Life jacket for babies and toddlers between 5 and 10 Kgs with 100 Newtons of buoyancy with the added interest of a fish pattern. In the water it turns the child within 2-6 seconds to a face-up position, through increased buoyancy in collar the head is lifted out of the water, optimised comfort through divided foam compartments and flat collar.

  • Easily adjustable with tie-cords on neck and hem
  • Integrated crutch strap
  • Reflective bands for increased safety
  • Signal whistle and zipper
  • EN 395-100N
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SKU MT-10EB501
Size 5-10Kg
Colour Orange
Zip Front Zip
Pocket No
Buoyancy 100N
Lifejacket Options Crutch Straps, Whistle