Enterprise Toestraps Helm

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A pair for the helm only


Enterprise Helm Toestraps

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  1. Aidan Geraghty asks 23 Jan 2017

    Can you provide details on this helm toestrap?
    What is the length?
    What is the width?
    Is it made of two parts or one part?
    Where does it typically connect to the hull of the boat?

    1. David Shilling answers 23 Jan 2017

      Hi Aiden
      They are 63 inches overall length
      They are made from a 2 inch wide webbing
      It is one part folded in half with an eyelet in the fold at the back
      The 2 forward ends are hot knife finished and fit to the centreboard knees using toestrap plates (not supplied)
      They also have eyes sewn on 6 inches back from the forward fixing point to take shockcord to keep them up off the floor. (shockcord not supplied)
      I hope that helps

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