Liros Magic Pro Dyneema 4mm

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LIROS Magic Pro Dyneema 4mm. Priced / Metre.

Lightweight for Dinghies

LIROS Magic Pro combines all of the best characteristics with extreme low stretch. The core is coated and specially treated with LIROS Heat-Stretch- System.

  • Working stretch 1.5%
  • Exacting cover construction for excellent hold in cleats and on winches
  • Outstanding block performance, enabling ultra fast manoeuvers
  • Specialist Polyester grip fibfres for optimal control in any conditions, perfect handling through manoeuvres
  • LIROS Heat-Stretch System for lowest stretch
  • Ideal for cover stripping were you want to taper your control lines.
Lowest Stretch and Highest Breaking Loads Lowest Stretch and Highest Breaking Loads
Good UV-Stability Good UV-Stability
Abrasion Resistant Abrasion Resistant
Soft Soft
Good In Cleats Good In Cleats
High Breaking Loads High Breaking Loads
Low Water Absorption Low Water Absorption

{Technical Data}

Cover construction: Polyester grip fibres and polyester spin dyed 16 plait
Core construction: Dyneema® SK78 with LirosXTR grip coating

Diameter Breaking Load (approx.) Weight
3mm 450daN 7g/m
4mm 620daN 11g/m
5mm 1250daN 16g/m
6mm 1600daN 23g/m
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