Harken 16mm Single Block And Eyestrap Assembly

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Single Air Block and eyestrap assembly.

Harken 16mm single air block and eye strap assembly.The block uses a spacer to keep the line in the sheave during intermittent loading.

Eye strap has 2x 4mm fixing holes 27mm apart
The patented bearing system uses stainless steel balls in a captive grooved race and has a 250 lb (113 kg) safe working load - the highest on the market compared to similarly sized blocks.

The 16 mm is Harken's® smallest block. It is perfect for small synthetic control lines found on high-tech dinghies.

Use for:
Dinghy control lines
Big Boat leech lines
Traveller controls
Spinnaker pole trip lines
Halyards on prams


More Information
Weight 12g
Attachment Method Stand Up Base, Surface Mount
Bearing Type Ball Bearing
Block Type Single
Sheave Diameter (mm) 16.00
Max Rope Width (mm) 5.00
Max Working Load (kg) 113
Breaking Load (kg) 544
Length (mm) 35
Country of Origin US