Harken Cam-Matic Ball Bearing Cam Cleat

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Harken Cam-Matic Ball Bearing Cam Cleat

A good cam cleat holds securely without damaging lines, engages and releases easily, works well with a wide range of line sizes and types, and gives years of good service. Harken Cam-Matics feature ball bearings for optimum performance. Balls allow pawls to open and close easily both under high and low load applications. teeth can be smooth to protect lines because tooth grip is not required to close the prawls. Lines can be precisely adjusted because there is a minimal slippage during engagement. Harken also holds a patent on the unique pawl geometry of the Cam-Matics which ensures that lines of all sizes are held by the greatest number of teeth. Standard size, length 65mm. 

Height 1 3/16 in 30mm
Length 2 9/16 in 65mm
Width 1 1/4 in 32mm
Weight 2.50 oz 71g
Line Diameter (min - max) 1/8 - 1/2 in 3 - 12mm
Fastener Spacing 1 1/2 in 38mm
Maximum Working Load 300 lb 136 Kg
Breaking Load 750 lb 340 Kg
Pawls (Jaws) Aluminum
Fasteners #10 Flathead 5mm Flathead
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