Kicking Strap, 4:1

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Stand alone kicker with a four to one mechanical advantage

Complete kicking strap or vang system ready to fit to the boat.
Includes a 6mm rope spliced onto seasure V cleat block with bead handle on the end. The boom end has a plastic covered wire strop with a stainless steel kicker key (key can be removed if your boom doesn't have a suitable key attachment, if your boom has an eye attachment you will then need a shackle).
The lower block incorporates a clevis pin shackle which could be used to attach to the mast but depending on preference and the direction of your mast eye you may require either an additional shackle or a twisted shackle.

Purchase - 4:1

Also available in 2:1, 3:1 & 6:1

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  1. Jonathon asks 20 Nov 2015


    Is this kicking strap suitable for a micro 5.5 keel boat?


    1. David Shilling answers 20 Nov 2015

      Hi Jon
      It comes with a key to fit to the boom but this could be removed and replaced for a shackle if you don't have a key hole on the boom.
      The lower block has a cleat so the kicker is self contained. If you have spare cleats on your deck you could try a different approach and lead the kicker back to the cockpit? If you like this idea or would like to discuss your requirements further please give us a call

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  2. Nicholas Cooke asks 1 Jan 1970

    Is this kicking strap ok for a GP14 ?


    1. David Shilling answers 24 Oct 2018

      Hi Nicholas 
      Yes it will just about work on a GP14. A racing boat would have a 16:1 to give total control of the leach over the wind strengths so it depends on your expectations and what you want to spend.

      You could use this system with a single cascade above it to double it's purchase?

      I hope that helps

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