Mirror Centre Main Sheet Upgrade Kit - Wood

Normally Available in 2-3 Days

Kit to turn your wood Aft sheeting Mirror into a centre sheeted Mirror

This kit includes everything you need to turn your mirror standard mainsheet setup into a centre mainsheet on a wooded boat.

The kit includes:
- Wooden bracket assembly (Attaches to the back of your case)
- Rachet block and fittings required to attach the block to the boat (Includes a spring to keep your block standing up).
- Webbing strap for attaching a mainsheet block to the boom.
- Mainsheet sling (Attaches to the boom to stop the mainsheet hanging down, so you don't catch your head)
- Horse for holding the rear block attached to the boat.
- All new blocks need for the mainsheet
- Mainsheet

The above kit will give you a 2:1 mainsheet at the end of the boom.

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Country of Origin GB