Stow-Away Bag SA1

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This is the standard shape Stow-Away bag, the mesh allows liquids to drain away and evaporate. Ideal for hats, glasses, sheets, radios, spanners, Sunglasses, etc.
Width - 100mm
Height - 200mm
Depth - 100mm

Stow-Away bags are designed with the utmost care and thought to provide a simple, clean effective solution to all your storage needs on board your yacht, motor cruiser, dinghy, speed boat or other leisure craft.

No matter if you are a participant, a passenger, a diver or just a fan of water sports the Stow-Away bags are just what you need. They are made from high grade plastic coated 'tough' polyester mesh, with polyester binding and thread. They can be attached almost anywhere on a boat thanks to the velcro fasteners and eyelets.

A great advantage with Stow-Away bags is their ability to allow water to drain away. They look good and are easy to use, do not rot or smell and can be easily cleaned.

The Stow-Away range comes in many sizes and have a multitude of uses on board any vessel for storage of halyards, gloves, tools, clothes, snacks, food and drinks, etc. There is also a specially designed Winch Handle bag and a Kit bag which is ideal for stowing wet suits, diving gear, surfing items and just about anything related to water!


Width - 100mm
Height - 200mm
Depth - 100mm

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