Superspars ISP rig gauge

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Superspars rig tension gauge, for measuring the tension in 2.5-4.00 mm wire.

Superspars rig tension gauge, for measuring the tension in 2.5-4.00 mm wire

How To Use The ISP Tension Meter

To measure the tension of any 1x19 wire, slide the slot in the lower part of the "Meter" over the wire as shown in Fig. 1.
Now, using the white nylon cord, pull the outer spring away from the wire until the pointer on it's top is level with the calibration line on the scale on the top of the inner spring, Fig. 2.
Read the scale number from this scale by using the centre of the wire itself Fig. 3. Next, from the table on the reverse of the meter, find the scale number on the left hand side and read the corresponding "tension" for your wire diameter.

Note: This tension reading is only accurate for 1 x 19 (normal rigging wire). Avoid touching the wire with the Meter as this could give a false reading.

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  1. Dennis asks 23 Jan 2017

    Don't understand this term 1 x19 wire is that what I will have on my old Lark?

    1. David Shilling answers 23 Jan 2017

      Hi Dennis
      1x19 wire is a stiff(ish) wire which doesn't like being bent and is it used in applications like shrouds and forestays.
      7x19 wire is a flexible wire which can be used to run through blocks and is used for kicking straps, rig tension systems and wire halyards. It is not a strong as 1x19 wire
      I hope that helps

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