Wayfarer Foresail Reefing Gear

Normally Available in 2-3 Days

Priced as a complete kit to shorten your foresail while sailing.

There are a few versions of this system and you may not need all the fittings which can reduce the price dramatically.


With our Flexible Reefing Tube in place you will have a fully functional roller reefing system. The unique feature of this system is that it utilises a flexible reefing tube attached to the sail, not the fore-stay. Whether you put two reefs in the main sail or one, there is no need to change the foresail, reef it instead.

This product is for the mark 2 system including all fittings and fixings and also includes a modification that is required to the sail. If you already have a furling drum and swivel (that is compatible) or you would prefer the more cost effective mark 1 system then please send us an email and we'll endeavour to price accordingly.

De-rigging the sail.

When you have finished sailing for the day, furl the sail round the tube, remove the furling drum from the bow and and unshackle the top swivel, all still attached to the sail, then coil and stow in the sail bag as below.


Rigging the Sail

Uncoil the sail, attach top and bottom and hoist the sail in the normal way using the halyard. (A good tensioning system is advisable such as a Highfield Lever to keep the reefing tube straight when rigged). The sail is ready to use when you need it.

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  1. Fab asks 9 Jan 2018

    I'd like to know it this kit will work on a GP14.

    1. David Shilling answers 3 Sep 2018

      Hi Fab
      Yes it will work for a GP14 and lots of other dinghies as long as we know before.
      The price may be a flexible depending on what parts you have and if your sail needs modifying (Mk1 system may not require a sail modification and is a little cheaper but possibly a little 'clunky' in operation compared to the Mk2 system).
      Email us saying if you have a furling drum and swivel and what make they are and I'll look at sorting a price out

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