Wayfarer Rudder Downhaul

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Kit to lower Wayfarer rudder


2:1 Rudder downhaul system will fit all Wayfarer stock and rudders.
Includes fittings, fixings and instructions

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  1. Gary Hardware asks 9 Apr 2018

    How do you attach the rope to the rudder blade?

    1. David Shilling answers 5 Sep 2018

      Hi Gary
      Normally you have a hole in the edge of the rudder which has an open void behind it. The rope goes through the hole you tie a knot in the end and the knot tucks away into the void.
      If you don't have that arrangement on yours you could use a self tapping screw and a washer, make sure you drill a pilot hole and seal the screw in with sealant, varnish or paint (whatever you have available to help seal the hole)
      I hope that helps

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