Wayfarer Tapered Batten Set

Normally Available in 2-3 Days

Set of 4 Wayfarer sail battens for racing sails or if you think you'll notice the difference in your cruising sails


Complete set of 4 tapered glassfibre battens with plastic end caps.

Tapered battens keep the leech pert and taper into the sail keeping a smooth sail shape

Tapered battens are supplied in set lengths and one design sails have a maximum batten measurement which generally fits in with these lengths. However sailmakers may choose to fit shorter battens to better suit the cut and sail shape. If you need shorter battens cut the thicker end of the batten and remove the burred/hard edge with a file or sandpaper.
Some smaller dinghy sails don’t have elastic in the batten pocket to improve sail shape and these battens don’t need the forward end cap.

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  1. Adele Austin asks 1 Jan 1970

    What is the maximum length?
    I'm looking for a battern as long as 108.5" or 2756mm.

    1. David Shilling answers 21 May 2018

      Hi Adele 
      That sounds like quite a specific batten
      You had best email us with more details like what boat and sail it is for



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