West Mini Pump Set - A Pack Size

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West Mini Pump Set
Specially designed for convenient and accurate dispensing of WEST SYSTEM Brand 105 Resin and 205 or 206 Hardeners.

Mini pumps help to ensure accurate metering of the resin/hardener mix and eliminates the mess involved with hand proportioning.

The pumps mount directly on the resin and hardener containers and have been calibrated to deliver the correct working ratio of 5 parts by weight of resin to 1 part by weight of hardener with one stroke from each pump. Can be left mounted on the resin and hardener containers and will give years of dependable service.

These pumps are for 'A' Pack containers (1Kg resin packs and 0.2Kg hardener packs). For large containers see the B pack pump sets.

Warning do not use with 207 or 209 Hardeners.
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