Redwing Boat Cover Overboom (Boom Up) PVC

Redwing Boat Cover Overboom (Boom Up) PVC is manufactured in the UK
Redwing Boat Cover Overboom (Boom Up) PVC is deliver free within the United Kingdom
The Overboom (Boom Up) Cover offers your boat the best protection when you store your boat with the mast up. It allows you to leave the boom up, which you then put the cover over. This creates a tent like shape so that any rain water runs off the cover rather than pooling.
Colour Blue
Made to Order in a Week
Overboom (Boom Up) Cover; - if you are leaving your boat in one place for most of the season this is probably the best cover for your dinghy - cover fits over the boom reducing water collection on the cover, - openings for mast, shrouds, forestay and end of boom Material: PVC - A high quality hardwearing blue 10oz PVC coated polyester which is chemically treated to withstand fungus, rotting from bird droppings and is UV stabilised.


Cover Features

If the cover has opening around the shrouds, then we fit a webbing reinforcement and buckles.

All the straps are fitted with snap buckles, this allows easy fitting of the cover.

Flat covers which have the mast up, have an attachment point for your halyard. This helps to prevent pooling of water on top of the cover.

More Information
Cover TypeOverboom (Boom Up)
Material UV Degradation Guarantee5 Years
Mast Opening?Yes
Shroud Openings?Yes
Forestay Opening?Yes
Main Halyard Tie Point?No
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Hi Dan We could make it in HydroGuard for £336.50 Regards David