Selden Spreader Length Adjuster

Selden Spreader Length Adjuster is manufactured in the UK
Spreader length adjuster for Selden spreaders.
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Spreader length adjuster for Selden spreaders, revesible end cap for 2.5mm or 3mm wire.


  • Width: 22mm
  • Height: 5mm (thickest part of the cross section)
  • Length (of the metal part of the product): 112mm
  • Overall Length: 121mm
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Hi MarkIf your spreaders are blue with a 4mm hole in for a clevis pin then I would say yes.If you get a photo I may be able to better guess but I think if the answer to the above is yes the way to go would be to order and tryRegardsDavid Shilling
Hi as per the description the spreader Length Adjuster is designed to take 2.5mm and 3mm shrouds. Personally I don't think it would be problem using them with the 4mm shrouds, you may have to slightly adapt the plastic end to house the 4mm shroud though - I can't definitively advise it will work and if they are adapted and it doesn't we wouldn't be able to take them back. I have had a look and this is the only Spreader Length Adjuster that Selden offers so it might be the only option to go for unless you change the shrouds too.   Hope this is helpful and if you require any other info just get back in touch.ThanksJake
Hi Manolo They are sold individually Regards David
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