Harken Hoister Storage System 4 Point 4:1

Harken Hoister Storage System 4 Point 4:1 is deliver free within the United Kingdom
Harken Hoister Storage System 4 Point 4:1
Harken Hoister garage storage system 4 point 4:1 mechanical advantage. Store everything from canoes and kayaks to bikes, ladders and roof racks at roof height.
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Harken Hoister garage storage system with 4 point lift and a 4:1 mechanical advantage. Store everything from canoes and kayaks to bikes, ladders and roof racks at roof height.

Easy to Use

  • One person can easily raise and lower with a single control rope.
  • Easy to Install
  • Complete kit
  • Safe Self-locking - Safety cleat grips instantly if rope is accidentally released
  • Lifts Evenly - From 11kg to 41Kg

    Choosing the Right Hoister

    Harken Hoisters lift evenly from one, two or four points. Choose your system based on the shape and weight of the items you want to store. Here are a few storage ideas for different Hoister systems:

    1-Point Bike/Utility Lift: bikes, garden equipment
    2-Point Storage System: kayaks, ladders, tandem bikes, removable seats
    4-Point Storage Systems: Canoes, dinghies, sports equipment carriers, Jeep tops, storage shelves

    There are plenty of offbeat ways to use these systems too. All it takes is some imagination!

    All standard Harken Hoisters are fully rigged and set up for maximum vertical lift (ceiling height) of 8 ft 6 in.

    When selecting your Hoister consider the following:
    1. The weight of the item to be stored
    2. The desired vertical lift distance

    Part No. Lifting

    Load Limit
    Lifting Load
    Vertical Lift
    7800 1 45 lbs   (20 kg) 10 lbs    (4.5 kg) 8 ft   (2.4 m) 2:1
    7801 4 60 lbs   (27 kg) 15 lbs    (7 kg) 8.5 ft   (2.6 m) 3:1
    7802 4 90 lbs   (41 kg) 25 lbs   (11 kg) 8.5 ft   (2.6 m) 4:1
    7803 4 145 lbs    (66 kg) 45 lbs   (20 kg) 8.5 ft   (2.6 m) 6:1
    7806 4 200 lbs   (91 kg) 75 lbs   (34 kg) 8.5 ft   (2.6 m) 8:1
    7807 2 60 lbs   (27 kg) 15 lbs   (7 kg) 8.5 ft   (2.6 m) 3:1

    How do I tie the system off when I'm finished using it?
    You don't have to! The beauty of this system is the patented stainless steel self-locking safety cleat that automatically locks and holds the load once you release the rope. This makes your job easier, and more importantly safer.

    What can I store with a Harken Hoister?
    Harken Bike/Utility Hoisters are great for storing bikes, light deck chairs during the winter, and gardening tools. Harken Storage systems efficiently store small boats, rowing sculls, truck caps, convertible hardtops, unneeded van seats, canoes, train sets, ski equipment and cartop carriers, and many other things that fit in its weight range.

    What's the difference between the 1-point bike and 4-point storage Hoisters?
    It's easy to tell the difference. The single point bike hoister lifts your load using two straps and one attachment point in the ceiling. The four point storage hoister lifts your load using two straps and four attachment points in the ceiling.

    How much can Harken Hoister systems lift?
    The Bike/Utility system is engineered to lift 45 lbs (20.4 kg).
    The 4-Point Hoister Storage system can lift more:
    #7801 - 60 lbs (27 kg)
    #7802 - 90 lbs (41 kg)
    #7803 - 145 lbs (66 kg)
    #7806 - 200 lbs (91 kg)

    How Can I Lift That Much Weight?
    We use the mechanical advantage provided by a block and tackle system.

    How High Do The Systems Lift?
    The systems is designed to hoist to 8.5' (2.65 m).

    How Difficult Is It To Install A Harken Hoister?
    For the Bike/Utility lift all you need to do is install the single screw eye (included) into your truss or garage rafter.
    The 4-Point Storage System comes complete with a well-illustrated instruction manual.

    Do I Need To Buy Any Additional Parts For Installation?
    Bike/Utility Lift: No. It comes with everything you need.
    The 4-Point Hoister Storage Systems come with all the mounting hardware. However, you might want to buy two 2" x 6" x 6' boards to help align the lift directly over the object you're lifting.

    Can Hoister Systems Be Installed Directly Into A Ceiling's Truss or Rafters?
    Yes, if your trusses/rafters line up with where you want your Hoister mounted, it can be installed directly into ceiling trusses. You may need to run a short cross beam between trusses in order to mount the organizer. If necessary, you can install the two 2" x 6" x 6' boards to align the system so you can lift the object straight off your vehicle without the system pulling from side-to-side.

    I Have A Roof Rack That Is Heavier On One Side Than The Other. Will The Harken Hoister Lift The Load Evenly?
    Yes. Because of the system's patented special design, the Hoister will lift your load evenly, no matter how the weight is distributed.
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