ZIP TECH Lubricant 4.8g

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This ZIP TECH helps to keeps your nylon zip running freely or will free you zip up if seized.

Use ZIP TECH lubricant to keep your nylon drysuit YKK / TIZIP in good working order. The lubricant helps to keep the zip moving and working efficiently.
We supply one of these tubes with each of our new drysuits fitted with a YKK Aquaseal Zip.
Use the pictures below to determine how you need to look after your zip.

TIZIP MasterSeal 10
Looking After Your TIZIP MasterSeal 10 / YKK Aquaseal Zip
 (Supplied in TridentUK and other Drysuits)

Lubricate on the docking end from time to time. Carefully apply over the docking surfaces on front and back and inside where they connect to the zipper chain. Also lubricate lightly along the length of the zipper.

Repeat before long term storage leaving the slider closed and whenever the area is dry during use.

TIZIP SureSeal
Looking after Your TIZIP Easy, TIZIP SuperSeal and TIZIP RescueSeal

Lubrication is essential to maintain the ease of operation and proper coupling of the chain on these zips.

If the chain is dry, re-lubricating by the user is recommended from time to time (apx. every 10 uses ). Apply some lube over the chain tips of the open TIZIP and over the outer flanges of the closed seal and slide over the whole length approximately 5 times. Remove excessive lubricant with a towel. Always keep the chain clean to maintain its sealing function.

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