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Mirror Dinghy launching trolley featuring a full width cradle, specifically shaped to fit the Mirror hull.

Mirror Dinghy launching trolley featuring a full width cradle, specifically shaped to fit the Mirror hull.

  • A-frame galvanised steel construction, providing long lasting care free use.
  • Full width, shaped rear cradle.
  • 16 inch pneumatic tyres with plastic hubs, totally corrosion resistant.
  • High front handle to make handling easier.
  • 'D' rubber protection on all supports.
  • Supplied flat packed to allow for easy shipping and supplied with the tools and instructions for assembly (allow 15 minutes for assembly).

Add a nose wheel and bracket to make handling the trolley easier (it saves the need of lifting the front of the trolley).

Delivered free to Mainland UK (excluding Scottish Highlands, just add the product to your cart and then use the shipping estimator to get a quote).

Buy this Launching Trolley with our Trident Compact EU Road Base Trailer to give you a Mirror Combi Trailer.

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  1. Richard Kennedy asks 22 Feb 2020

    Hello, I am interested in purchasing the Mirror trolley SKU TRTRA115LTM, along with the trolley nose wheel and bracket. I have 2 questions: 1. DO you have an outlet in Australia? 2. If not, what would be the freight charge to Townsville, North Queensland, Australia? Many thanks in anticipation, Richard.

    1. David Shilling answers 24 Feb 2020

      Hi Richard
      If you can give me the full delivery address I can organise a quote, the couriers want everything exact to quote
      email sales@tridentuk.com
      David Shilling

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  2. Paul Jackson asks 9 Oct 2018

    Will the flatpack fit in a family car, eg Skoda Yeti.
    Can you deliver it to an address different to the card holders address eg local sailing centre ?

    1. David Shilling answers 11 Sep 2018

      Hi Paul
      Yes the package will fit in a car although I'd recommend unpacking it and putting it in the car in parts as you will be less likely to damage your car interior that way.
      Yes we can deliver to a different address, our trolleys are delivered by a haulage company (not a courier) so timed deliveries are not an option just delivery in business hours

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  3. helen Diggle asks 7 Oct 2017

    Hi, I have a bad back so was hoping the nose wheel might make the mirror launching less of an effort? does the wheel fit the mirror trolley and is it aimed at what I'm after? thanks

    1. David Shilling answers 11 Jul 2017

      Hi Helen
      Yes the nose wheel will fit the Mirror trolley as long as you have the nose wheel bracket.
      And yes it does make moving the trolley around the slip and dinghy park easier on your back

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  4. sue asks 18 May 2015

    how long is this trailer?

    1. David Shilling answers 18 May 2015

      Hi Sue
      If you look at the extra images you will find all the dimensions
      Length from locating hole to axle 2055mm 
      I hope that helps

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  5. Håkan Sylvan asks 28 Aug 2014

    Dear Sir/Madame,
    I'm intrested in a Mirror Trolley and would like to knew hom much the shipping to sweden will cost. If you could estimate the price for following models, I would be very pleased.

    Mirror Trolley £220.00
    Mirror Trolley With GRP Moulded Cradle £280.00
    Mirror Folding Trolley £185.00

    ...and Mirror Road Trailer £630.00; which I presume should be used in combination with one of the two trolleys above.

    Best regards,

    1. Kieran Parslow answers 28 Aug 2014

      <p>Hi and thanks for the enquiry. I have contacted a few couriers and I will come back to you with a shipping quotation.</p>
      <p>To answer your questions, the <a href="http://www.tridentuk.com/gb/trident-mirror-dinghy-launching-trolley-sailing-trtra115ltm.html#product_tabs_additional_tabbed">Mirror Trolley</a> and <a href="http://www.tridentuk.com/gb/product-mirror-trolley-with-grp-moulded-cradle-trtra115ltmc.html">Mirror Trolley with GRP Cradle</a> both fit onto our <a href="http://www.tridentuk.com/gb/trident-compact-eu-road-base-dinghy-boat-trailer-trtravrb0.html">Vario Compact Road Base</a> which costs £575.00. Our <a href="http://www.tridentuk.com/gb/product-mirror-folding-trolley-trtrafmlt.html">Mirror Folding Trolley</a> does not fit onto a Road Base.</p>
      <p>Our <a href="http://www.tridentuk.com/gb/product-mirror-road-trailer-trtramrt.html">Mirror Road Trailer</a> is a unit which is built and certified for use on the road, and you can also launch and retrieve your boat directly from the trailer. It has D-Rubber cradles fitted for supporting your boat. This trailer means that you do not require a Launching Trolley, it is designed for people who have to drive on a public road between where they store and sail their boat. It is a fair bit heavier than a launching trolley so if you store your boat near the water and only tow on the road occasionally then the Launching Trolley and Road Base combination is the recommended setup. Please note that the image of the <a href="http://www.tridentuk.com/gb/product-mirror-road-trailer-trtramrt.html">Mirror Road Trailer</a> is not correct, the D-Rubber cradles are not pictured.</p>
      <p>Best Regards,</p>
      <p>Kieran Parslow</p>

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  6. David asks 1 Jan 1970


    You mention that the pneumatic tyres and plastic wheels are totally corrosion resistant, which is what I would expect anyway as neither are metal, but I just wanted to clarify if that description also applies to the bearings which I presume will be metal?

    I have a road trailer that came with my Mirror Dinghy when I bought it very cheap second hand, and I have used it as a launching trolley for the last 3 years as I never needed to tow the boat from the sailing club, and now the bearings on both wheels have utterly corroded simultaneously so the wheels don't stay attached after you wheel it any distance, which happened last weekend but was fine a fortnight ago.

    I am therefore trying to choose between regularly replacing the bearings on my existing trailer and just buying this lighter weight launching trolley which is all I need anyway.

    In other words I am trying to both avoid false economies and also avoid just having the same problem all over again if your product has metal bearings anyway.



    1. Jake Gebhard answers 25 May 2018

      Hi and thanks for your enquiry. 

      If you bought the mirror trolley you would not have to worry about bearings because there are none. The wheels slot onto a 25mm shaft and the wheel spins on that, therefore no corrosion to bearings and because you are not taking the trolley out on the road you will never pull the trolley fast enough to worry about friction or heat created by the wheel spinning on the axle (shaft).

      These Trolleys are 'long lasting' products and you should not have to worry about any issues with them for a very long time.


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