YS Aluminium Handed Fairleads 85mm (Pair)

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Pair of aluminium handed fairleads, 86mm long.

Pair of aluminium handed fairleads, 86mm long.

These fairleads are commonly used on the Wayfarer and other similar sized dinghies.


Measurement A 86 mm
Measurement B 31 mm
Measurement C 14.5 mm
Measurement D 67.5 mm
Measurement E 12.5 mm
Measurement G M5
Weight 0.15 Kg


Material LM5 - Aluminium Magnesium Casting Alloy (AL Mg5)
This Alloy Conforms with: UK BS1490 - LM5
Germany DIN 1725/5 - GM-ALMg5
Mechanical Properties Tensile stress - 170-280 N/mm2
Machinability LM5 machines very well and takes an excellent polish.
Corrosion Resistance This alloy is highly resistant to corrosion and is superior to all other aluminium alloys for marine use.
Application LM5 is used where very high resistance to corrosion from sea water or marine atmospheres is required.
Anodising Anodised to 10 microns for added protection.
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