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At Trident we started out manufacturing sails. Since then we have kept manufacturing at the centre of our business.

We are proud to have resisted the pressures of moving our manufacturing abroad in recent decades and continue to manufacture most of our products from facilities in Gateshead, Northern England. Having such a diverse manufacturing experience allows us to offer an extensive and complete customer service, supplying and repairing anything you need for sailing.

The main areas of Manufacturing we cover are:-

Boat Covers - We have covering boats around the globe for many years, we have an extensive list of standard covers and regularly make "Made to Measure Covers"

Drysuits and other sailing clothing - Based in Northern England were it can be cold for much of the year when sailing, we started making drysuit to keep ourselves and families dry. We have been selling our drysuit commercially since the early nineties and as you say the rest is history.  Take a look at our Trident Clothing

Mirror Boats and Kits - We have had a strong presence in the Mirror Dinghy market since the 1989. In the late-nineties we took over from Bell Woodworking to produce the mirror dinghy. We now produce the wooden kits and a modern Glass Fibre Mirror Dinghy.

Sails - This is where the business started, over the years we have made sails for whole range of classes. Including sails for racing or cruising on dinghies and yachts.

Trailers and Trolleys - Recognising a gap in the market during the mid-nineties, we started producing trailers and trolleys. This has being very successful for use and during 2005 we designed most of our products so they could be flat packed, allowing for them to be conveniently shipped around the world. Click Here to see our Trailer & Trolley Range

Industrial Sewing - We do a large amount of bespoke for different sectors. We have worked with pubs, schools, outdoor centres and retail outlets for sowing needs and completed work with the oil and gas industry. Contact Us Online Here or you can call us on (+44) 0191 4901736


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