Sailing Drysuit Comparison Chart

Here a TridentUK as well as manufacturing our own drysuits we also stock a huge range of drysuits from other manufactures. Choosing a drysuit can be difficult, to help make this easier we have produced a comparison chart.

Adult Drysuits
Breathable Yes Yes
Neck & Wrist Seals Neoprene *Latex available with custom suit Neoprene
Feet Seals Latex Socks *Ankle seals available with custom suit Latex Socks

- *Arm & Cargo Pocket available with custom suit


Cargo Pocket *Arm Pocket available with custom suit

Cargo Pocket

Cargo Pocket

2 x Cargo and Internal Pocket

Braces Yes Yes
Fly Zip - *Available with custom suit -
Spray Deck Skirt - *Available with custom suits with a back zip -
Zip Type Nylon Zip Nylon Zip Brass Zip Nylon Zip
Zip Position Front *Back Zip available with custom suit Curved Zip Front Zip Curved Zip
Seat & Knee Patches Yes Yes
Broad Sizes Available Small Broad & Medium Broad -
Made To Measure Service *Yes; When ordered as a custom suit. -
Made in the UK Yes; Made in our Factory in Gateshead, Tyne And Wear -
Junior Drysuits
- -


* Our TridentUK suits are available off the shelf, but we also make custom suits allowing you design you own suit. These suits are made to order and allow you to specify the following options;

  • Front or Back Zip
  • Neoprene or Latex Seals
  • Option of Latex Socks
  • Aditition of arm and cargo pockets
  • Spray deck skirt for Kayakers with a back zip
  • Made to Measure Sizes (You will in a measurement form and we make the suit to suit you).


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