Trident Orbit Front Zip Sailing Drysuit

Trident Orbit Front Zip Sailing Drysuit is manufactured in the UK
Trident Orbit Front Zip Sailing Drysuit is deliver free within the United Kingdom
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Trident Orbit Front Zip Sailing Drysuit
Our renowned ‘All Round Drysuit’ for dinghy sailing enters a new age for drysuit comfort without compromising on the full protection you have come to expect from a Trident Drysuit.
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Our renowned ‘All Round Drysuit’ for dinghy sailing enters a new age for drysuit comfort without compromising on the full protection you have come to expect from a Trident Drysuit.

Ideal for solo sailors, the suit benefits from a front zip for easy access, making changing and unchanging simple. With an ergonomic fit, a very flexible front zip and surprisingly soft fabric freedom of movement is maximised and a comfortable wear is assured.


  • Aquaseal Zip It is lightweight, flexible, has no forward bend restriction and is positioned for easy, fast, independent wearing when putting on the Drysuit and taking it off.
  • Soft lining makes a comfortable wear next to the skin, ideal for warm days when there is a lot of cold water splashing around.
  • Glide skin neck and wrist neoprene seals for easy taking on and off, and considerably more comfortable to wear than latex seals.
  • Shorter length wrist seals, producing a less bulk, more comfort without compromising on waterproofing.
  • Comfortable brace arrangement
  • Durable Cordura knee and seat reinforcement for extra protection.
  • Ergonomic design for ease of movement.
  • Elastic waistband helping to produce an overall stylish and comfortable fit.



Constructed with the specialised fabric RTX400™ it is lightweight, robust, breathable and easy to wear without a bulky feel. With over 5 years of Fabric testing the RTX400™ comes out on top every time with complete water & windproof protection.

  • The Outer Layer is a durable, abrasion resistant nylon which is treated with DWR (Durable Water Repellency).
  • The Midlayer is a microporous PU membrane which transfers vapour molecules from the inner layer to outer layer.
  • The Inner Knitted scrim layer is a soft nylon which is high wicking and has “easy slip” properties, sliding over the garments that are worn under the Drysuits ie. no snagging or dragging over knees etc. when you are moving around.



Manufactured In The UK

We produce our drysuits on site at our Manufacturing Facility in Gateshead, United Kingdom. The drysuits are produced along with a whole range of products for sailing and other watersports activities.





Trident Drysuits are guaranteed against faulty workmanship for three years from the date of purchase and the materials for one year from the date of purchase (excluding the suits seals).

More Information
ZipFront Zip
Seals (Wrist & Neck)Neoprene
Drysuit SockLatex Socks
Size Chart

TridentUK Drysuit Size Chart


Below is the size chart for the TridentUK Adult Orbit Drysuit, if you feel you need any help choosing your size please feel free to ask us a question or give us a call.

SizeMaximum HeightMaximum Chest
Small 5'7" (170cm) 36 ins (91cm)
Small Broad 5'7" (170cm) 42 ins (107cm)
Medium 5'10" (178cm) 39 ins (99cm)
Medium Broad 5'10" (178cm) 44 ins (112cm)
Large 6' (183cm) 42 ins (107cm)
X-Large 6'2" (188cm) 46 ins (117cm)
XX-Large 6'3" (191cm) 50 ins (127cm)


Junior Sizes - If you are a bit small for the sizes above then check out our Junior Orbit Drysuit - Click Here

Made to Measure Sizes - Are bigger than our standard size chart or quite short for your size? If so don't worry, we can make you a made to measure suit, just take a look at our Custom Orbit Drysuit - Click Here


We have the below items instock ready for dispatch. For lead times on other items please choose your options above.

Size Colour Default
S Black In Stock
S Red In Stock
SB Red In Stock
M Red In Stock
MB Black In Stock
MB Red In Stock
L Black In Stock
L Red In Stock
XXL Black In Stock
Product Questions (15)
Customer Questions
Hi Ian Your body constantly produces moisture/sweats and there isn't a fabric available that breathes as well as skin. Different fabrics breath at different rates in different conditions and what is either side of the fabric can make a big difference too, like when the fabric is wet it will seriously reduce it's breathability. The suit will not breath where the material is doubled like knees and seat, around the zip and seals. As breathable materials age they can become porous and re proofing the outside of the suit will help reduce the moisture held on the material and then make it feel waterproof again and also help it breath. Add the above to possibly having a hole or a stressing a seam which starts to seep or the latex sock perishing or cracking, who knows unless the suit is tested. I hope that helps David
Hi Matt I see you have ordered a replacement seal now, so you may have answered your own question. I would say that if the suit isn't leaking then it's fine to replace the seals, if the suit does start leaking you can send it to us and we'll test and advise, a leak test for a Trident suit is £15 Regards David
Hi David See our custom suits as the fly zip is an option We manufacture on site and can add a fly zip to any drysuit as long as there is room there to put it Regards David
Hi Edward I would say that your measurements look pretty good for a MB and the leg length would certainly not be too long. Any queries just give me a call to discuss. Many thanks
Hi Mike I'm sorry you've had a problem, the suits do keep you dry and each suit is tested prior to leaving ourselves. For a suit to leak through a zip it either hasn't been closed properly or has been badly damaged. It might be a good idea to try it out in a shower and see if you can replicate the problem otherwise if you send it back we will do a pressure test. Many thanks
Hi William, If you select the Custom Orbit suit which is further down the drysuits listed on the website you can then choose seal types as well as other options such as zip position.
Hi Donald Can I check if the suit fits when on and it's only putting the suit on and off that is the issue Regards David
Hi Tom This is from the sheet supplied with the suit:- The neck seal should be a close comfortable fit. Neck seals which seem tight when first tried on in warm conditions often feel quite acceptable in cold wet conditions. If your Latex Seal is too tight use the raised lines at the top of the seal to cut a small amount off the neck using a sharp pair of scissors. If your Neoprene Seals are too tight you can stretch them a bit. Try leaving jam jars in the Neoprene Wrist Seals overnight If you still feel you need to make a neoprene seal larger then you can cut it down but if possible I would avoid cutting the seam part, if your seal has one it will be at the back so cut a very thin crescent shape out the seal with the thicker part being at the front. I hope that helps Regards David
Hi Pat I don't think a comparison has been done. I remember years ago Henri Lloyd and Musto both showed figures that their clothing was the most breathable however it was my belief that the results depended on the conditions they were tested under to show the best figures, these may well have been conditions that were not completely applicable to what the product was designed for - me being a sceptic! I doubt there is much difference in the drysuits and probably more to do with what you wear underneath. No suit will breath where they are reinforced (knees and seat) and they won't breath around the seals, zip or where they are taped Also the breathability will reduce quickly when the material is wet Does that help? Regards David
Hi Gabi If it's unused you could return it for a made to measure, have you tried it on with your buoyancy aid as that can hold loose material in place Regards David
Hi Dave They can't for a number of reasons Regards David
Hi Claire Small Broad would be the most suitable off the peg size, you can see the size chart on the product page in one of the tabs under the image. We have a chest measurement but you could call it width as there is no tailoring to the suits given we all different shapes Regards David
Hi Mike We don't supply fabric socks as we don't feel they are robust enough for the job and we would advise wearing a sock underneath the latex sock to keep it off your skin anyway Regards David
Hi Tom The XXL will be too big, I wonder if an XL is worth a try as you may use some of the extra height in the width and not have too much length, it is worth a try and if not it'll be a custom made to measure. Regards David
Hi Peter There is little tailoring to the width of the suit so chest, waist, hips are pretty much the same width measurement. So if you fit all the other measurements you should be fine with a small Regards David

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