Standard Launching Trolley - Boats Upto 12 Foot 6 inches

Standard Launching Trolley - Boats Upto 12 Foot 6 inches is manufactured in the UK
Standard launching trolley for dinghies and small boats upto 12 foot 6 inches long or 3.8 meters.
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Standard launching trolley for dinghies and small boats up to 12 foot 6" long or 3.8 meters.

Suitable for

  • Byte
  • Comet Duo
  • Firefly
  • Graduate
  • National 12
  • Miracle
  • Signet
  • Solo
  • Splash
  • Any other dinghy or small boat upto 12ft 6" long or 3.8 meters (Please note if you are putting an outboard motor on the back you will need a large trolley).


  • A-frame galvanised steel construction, providing long lasting care free use.
  • Adjustable full width cradle.
  • 14.5 inch puncture proof tyres with plastic hubs, totally corrosion resistance.
  • High front handle to make handling easier.
  • 'D' rubber protector on all supports
  • Supplied flat packed to allow shipping and supplied with tools and instructions (allow 15 minutes for assembly).

Delivered Free to most of the Mainland UK.

Add a nose wheel and bracket to make handling the trolley easier (it saves the need of lifting the front of the trolley).

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Customer Questions
Hi, the measurement from the bow support to the axle on this trolley is 2260mm. Detailed drawings including measurements can be found in the product pictures. For a Launching Trolley we would recommend the Trolley Nose Wheel Deluxe which attaches using our Nose Wheel Bracket to enable you to position the Nose Wheel where you prefer. Best Regards, Kieran Parslow
Hi David, the all up weight of the trolley including wheels is 25kg. Most of the weight is in the axle/wheels part of the trolley so that when using it the nose weight is only 7.5kg. If a boat shorter than 12ft 6in is carried and it is as far forward as it can go on the trolley then this could make the trolley appear to be heavy.
Hi Alistair, The issue with inflatables and trolleys is that the trolley needs to be much longer for an inflatable than it does for a rigid boat. With a rigid boat the trolley axle is normally about 60% back from the bow to give a good balance and manageable nose weight, with an inflatable the tubes will not keep the boat rigid so the trolley needs to be longer so that the transom is close to the axle/cradle support. For a 3.8m inflatable the length of trolley you will need will be that of an 18ft/5.5m rigid boat. I suggest that you give me a call to discuss getting a bespoke trolley made. Many thanks, David
Hi AlfredThe best way to find out what trolley suits what boat is to find the balance point of your boat and then find a trolley slightly longer, you can see the dimensions in the extra imagesI would think our 13 half foot trolley would be better
Hi KeithYes we could swap the T bar for a roller however I wouldn't advise it as I doubt you will roll the boat on it as you'll end up damaging the D rubber on the side arms, It's on the larger trolleys as it's a bit more robust with a heavy boat sat on it. You should be able to fit the nose wheel bracket in such a way that the trolley will go on and off a road base with the nose wheel attached Hope that helpsDavid
Hi Roger Sorry for the delayed reply, yes I'm sure we could make something, possibly something like cutting the old one off close to the V and slide a cut down mast support over the stub and bolt it through How does that sound? Regards David
Hi Jeremy Yes it can Regards David
Hi Hans You would be better looking at the Heavy duty trolley We would need a full address to quote for shipping, you can email direct [email protected] Regards David
Hi Amanda Usually this question is asked by those who have their boat on an ill fitting trolley making it feel heavy and requiring more effort to move around. If the boat is balanced on the trolley correctly it doesn't feel heavy to lift and move. So the key is to have the right trolley for the right boat and if you need any advise please let me know what you have To answer your question we have a shipping weight of 27Kgs for the 12 1/2 foot trolley Regards David
Hi Caroline I would say about 130Kgs is the maximum for this trolley Regards David
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