Trident Orbit Custom Made Junior Drysuit

Normally Available in 2-3 Days
Choose your options and build your own drysuit tailored to your sport. Great if you want a back zip or latex seals on your drysuit.

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Our Build Your Own, Custom Made Junior Orbit Drysuits are made to order at the specification you want. You can choose from a range of options and extra's to suit your needs.

Built on the Standard Orbit Drysuit, you can then choose from the following options.

  • Colour Option: Black or Red
  • Zip Choice: Choose front or back zip
  • Seals: Choose Latex or Neoprene neck or wrist seals
  • Add a fly-zip
  • Add a pocket: On the Arm or Leg
  • Spray Skirt Cover: Great for Kayaking
  • Latex Ankle Seals: In lieu of 3D socks, great for Kite-surfing, wake boarding, etc...

The base of the suit is our renowned ‘All Round Drysuit’ for dinghy sailing is available in 4 junior sizes. Keeping kids warm and dry and all importantly stylish. With the option of bold red or sleek black.

The Junior Orbit offers a strategic ergonomic fit, with a very flexible front zip and surprisingly soft fabric to reduce any movement restrictions and insure a comfortable wear.

Constructed with the specialised fabric RTX400™ it is lightweight, robust, breathable and easy to wear without a bulky feel. With over 5 years of Fabric testing the RTX400™ comes out on top every time with complete water & windproof protection.

Worried your child will quickly outgrow the suit?
Check out our leg extension service to maximise the life of the suit.



  • The Outer Layer is a durable, abrasion resistant nylon which is treated with DWR (Durable Water Repellency).
  • The Midlayer is a microporous PU membrane which transfers vapour molecules from the inner layer to outer layer.
  • The Inner Knitted scrim layer is a soft nylon which is high wicking and has “easy slip” properties, sliding over the garments that are worn under the Drysuits ie. no snagging or dragging over knees etc. when you are moving around.


TridentUK RTX400 Drysuit Fabric


  • Aquaseal Zip It is lightweight, flexible, has no forward bend restriction and is positioned for easy, fast, independent wearing when putting on the Drysuit and taking it off.
  • Soft lining makes a comfortable wear next to the skin, ideal for warm days when there is a lot of cold water splashing around.
  • Glide skin neck and wrist neoprene seals for easy taking on and off or choose latex seal instead if you prefer.
  • Shorter length wrist seals, producing a less bulk, more comfort without compromising on waterproofing.
  • Comfortable brace arrangement
  • Durable Cordura knee and seat reinforcement for extra protection.
  • Ergonomic design for ease of movement.
  • Elastic waistband helping to produce an overall stylish and comfortable fit.

TridentUK Junior Drysuit Size Chart - Please Note Our Junior Size Chart Has Change with the New Orbit Suit


Below is the size chart for the TridentUK Junior drysuits, if you feel you need any help choosing your size please feel free to ask us a question or give us a call.

Junior Small (7-8 yrs) 4'1" - 4'5" (125-135cm) 26-28 ins (66-71cm)
Junior Medium (9-10 yrs) 4'5" - 4'9" (136-145cm) 28-30 ins (71-76cm)
Junior Large (11-12 yrs) 4'9" - 5'2" (146-156cm) 30-32 ins (76-81cm)
Junior X-Large 5'2" - 5'4" (158-163cm) 32-34 ins (81-86cm)
More Information
Braces Yes
Breathable Yes
Zip Front or Back (Your Choice)
Seals (Wrist & Neck) Latex or Neoprene (Your choice)
Drysuit Sock Latex Socks (Ankle Seals available)
Pocket Optional Extra
Ask Your Question
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  1. MR DS NEWLAND asks 11 Mar 2020

    on your custom made suits can you choose the neck size on the neoprene necks?
    what I'm looking for is a suit for a 15 year old that's 5'7 tall but skinny and the necks on typhoon suits (sorry) are two big for him, as well as the rest of the suit chest wise.
    The suit is for kayaking only

    1. David Shilling answers 16 Mar 2020

      Hi David
      You sure can choose the seal size if you know it or give us the body measurements and we'll select a seal to suit.
      For kayaking I would advise latex seals as they seal way better than neoprene and being fairly wet in a kayak I think the dribbles you get through the neoprene seals will build up to feeling damp, then cold and annoying

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  2. christine williams asks 5 Jun 2019

    On the custom made, can you choose neoprene neck but latex wrists?


    1. David Shilling answers 8 May 2019

      Hi Christine
      Yes you can, you will have to tick the all latex option and then add the requirements in special instructions

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