Racing Sails

Our racing sails are produced from hard finished stabilized sailcloth from Dimension Polyant and Contender.

The design involves understanding the relationship between luff curve and seam broadseaming to create the correct chord depth that will ensure fast sails are produced throughout the wind range. It is essential to have the right compromise between pointing and power.

Each set of sails is rolled, comes complete with tapered battens, stainless steel pressed rings, low friction clew slug slider, tell-tales,  windows (if appropriate), class logo,  numbers, Licence labels if appropriate,  and long sailbags.

Cruising/Training Sails

We are aware that cruising/training sails should provide the perfomance Our cruising/training sails have a similar cut to the racing sails but are made from a softer finish fabric producing a more durable and easier handling sail.

They usually come complete with untapered battens, windows (if appropriate), are folded with sailbags.

Trident also supply school sails eg Topper, Optimist, Pico and can provide. 


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